World Diabetes Day 2022: Tips for teens, youngsters to prevent high blood sugar | Health

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Diabetes is known to impact one’s overall well-being as it can put you at risk of a plethora of health problems where high blood sugar levels will also damage the eyes or kidneys while the other health problems induced by diabetes are heart attack, stroke, heart failure and even peripheral artery disease. Thus, it is essential to keep diabetes in control in order to lead a healthy life and follow some essential tricks early in life that will help you to control diabetes with ease.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Samrat Shah, Internal Medicine Expert at Apollo Spectra in Pune, suggested some foolproof tips that youngsters need to follow to avoid any serious complications from diabetes and lead a healthy life –

1. Don’t forget to exercise on a daily basis: Most teens and youngsters fail to get enough activity due to hectic schedules. Try to exercise daily by walking, doing yoga, swimming, cycling, gymming, Pilates, running, jogging and even aerobics. It will be imperative for you to exercise at least 5 times a week for half an hour. Regular exercise will help you to manage those abnormal blood sugar levels. Try to follow any fitness routine only after speaking to the expert and do it under the guidance of a fitness trainer.

2. Eat a well-balanced diet: It is necessary to avoid eating high-calorie food. Give up on potatoes, processed, junk, oily and canned food. That means you need to exclude Pizza, pasta, Chinese, bakery items, desserts, sweets, colas and sodas. Eat in small quantities at regular intervals. Do not go overboard while eating. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulses, beans, lentils, chickpeas, oats, and quinoa.

3. Maintain an optimum weight: Did you know? Eating a well-balanced diet inclusive of all the vital nutrients will make sure that you are able to maintain an optimum weight.

4. Keep the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check: Try to monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels as suggested by the doctor. Take the medication prescribed by the doctor only. These factors are related to abnormal blood sugar levels and can induce cardiovascular diseases.

5. Stay stress-free: Stress can lead to abnormal blood sugar levels. So, try to combat stress by meditation or doing activities that you like. One can do painting, gardening, cooking, listening to music, learning a new language, or even playing an instrument.

6. Pneumococcal vaccine: Pneumonia is the most frequent cause of hospitalization, resulting in a high risk of mortality. Diabetic patients are at high risk of aquatinting pneumococcal infections with their consequent complications. Despite the fact that glycemic control of the patients reduces the risk of diabetic complications and enhances their immunity, pneumococcal vaccination should still be given irrespective of the patients’ glycemic control. every person with diabetes needs a flu shot each year. Talk with your doctor about having a flu shot.

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