Vermont No. 17 healthiest state: 4 tips to stay healthy this holiday season

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Vermont Business Magazine new study finds Vermont is the No. 17 healthiest state in America this holiday season.

The holidays are the perfect time to eat, drink, and be merry, but also a time when Americans fall off the wagon with excessive eating, drinking and stress.  Overindulging can exacerbate the holiday blues. Instead of waiting to make a New Year’s resolution, maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout the holiday season can help make it an even more joyous time of year.  

Life Extension released a study on the Healthiest States in America after analyzing eight health categories from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Vermont is healthier than the average American in five categories: exercise, eating fruit, good overall health, heart disease, and eating vegetables ; and less healthy in three- heavy drinking, smoking, and mental health



National Average




Eating fruit



Good overall health



Heart disease



Heavy drinking






Eating vegetables



Mental Health



4 Tips to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season 

1)     Maintain Your Workout and Wellness Routine: Why wait for a New Year’s resolution? Stay healthy all season long by keeping your normal health and wellness routines going whether that means going to the gym, doing yoga, meditating, or taking long walks. This is the best way to avoid eating and drinking your emotions when holiday and family stress occurs. 

2)     Do Not Use Travel as an Excuse: It is very easy to fall off the wagon when you are out of your normal routine. Thankfully, even when you are not near your gym, there are countless fitness apps that offer workout classes on demand with no equipment necessary.  Additionally, being stuck at the airport does not mean you need to order Cinnabon. Anticipate travel delays and pack healthy meals and snacks.   

3)     Be Proactive to Avoid Getting Sick: Getting rundown or sick is a common occurrence during the holiday season and can be mitigated by getting eight hours of sleep and by proactively taking vitamins and supplements. Echinacea, for example, will boost your immune system to help fight colds and infections, ashwagandha provides healthy energy when you are feeling burned out, and melatonin can help you sleep if needed. 

4)     Take Time For Yourself: Attending holiday parties with friends, family or work can be stressful if you do not build in time to relax and recharge at home. Overscheduling will cause fatigue which can make you more susceptible to making unhealthy lifestyle choices. Be sure to prioritize and do not be afraid to decline certain invitations in the interest of mental and physical health.

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