Tulsans Share Tips For Getting And Staying Healthy In 2023

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Getting in shape is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions people make every year.

Working out is a common New Year’s resolution and some Tulsans said it’s changed their lives.

Doug Nelson and his wife decided to start working out about a year ago. He said he is most proud of their consistency.

“It’s not just about a New Year’s resolution, it’s about a lifelong fitness challenge,” Nelson said.

His goal this year is to stay as healthy as possible, not just by working out, but eating better as well.

A big thing when people decide to get fit is accountability.

“You know we want it to be a lifestyle change if you’re going to kick it off in the year so that it lasts. With that lifestyle change, accountability is important,” Roberts said.

She said partnering with someone to come up with a plan can really help your progress.

“The healthiest way to do it is just to really kind of partner with somebody that kind of knows what they’re doing. Maybe they’re an expert, whether they’re a health educator, physiologist, a gym, sit down and have a conversation with them about, ‘what should I be doing,'” Roberts said.

Ken Simpson started his fitness journey last year after making a huge change to his health and winning a fitness challenge.

“I lost over 30 pounds, got down to under 10 percent body fat so I just wanted to keep that rolling and not slack off,” Simpson said.

He said after turning 40 and celebrating 20 years with his wife, he knew he wanted a fresh start.

“I just kind of wanted to get into shape and stay there and kind of kick off our next 20 years together right,” Simpson said.

Tuesday was his first workout of the new year and he believes it sets the pace for the rest of the year.

He said staying healthy not only helps him physically, but also mentally and builds his faith.


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