Lawyers for Killingly school board defend health center plan rejection

Farma Darya

The latest salvo in the battle between the Killingly school board and a group of residents over the addition of a school health center was fired this week in the form of a “complaint response” received by state investigators.

The board on Tuesday sent that document to the state Department of Education’s head of legal and governmental affairs laying out its reasoning why – contrary to a petitioning complaint – its March vote to reject a school-based health center, or SBHC was well within its statutory rights and doesn’t threaten student well-being.

“The complaint is not about the failure of a board of education to provide an integrated and comprehensive educational program designed to meet the needs of all students in a safe and nurturing learning environment,” the board’s Shipman & Goodwin LLP attorneys wrote. “Instead, it stems from a disagreement about a single decision of the Killingly Board of Education: whether or not the Board should provide space in its high school for Generations to provide private social work counseling services.”

Killingly Board of Education rejects call for revote on adding school-based health center to district. File photo

The letter was filed after the state opened an investigation last month into “substantial” allegations brought forward through a citizens’ petition in the wake of a March 16 board vote that rejected the health center proposal.

Center supporters allege the board, through its March vote, failed to “provide the minimum services and supports necessary to deal with the social, emotional and mental health needs” of the district’s high school students.

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