Health experts reveal post-workout tips to speed up results

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – Many factors go into a workout routine to make it effective. Specific exercises and workout intensity are great when you’re working out, but health experts at say your post-workout routine is just as essential.

Whenever you take a “rest day,” you should still be at least a little active. After heavy workouts, your muscles become very sore for the next day or two because of lactic acid and other naturally produced chemicals. Easy, light exercises such as yoga or riding on a stationary bike can alleviate much of that sore feeling and boost circulation.

Skipping meals after a workout is never ideal, but you also don’t need to eat like Dwayne Johnson to get the results you’re looking for either. Your body loses essential electrolytes when you workout which are responsible for creating energy. Eating foods that are high in sodium and calcium including sweet potatoes and cottage cheese as well as eating regularly helps build muscle and speeds up metabolism.

Protein intake is crucial to seeing those gym results almost immediately and it is useful for both muscle gain and weight loss. Boiled eggs, greek yogurt, and of course lean meat are all great foods for seeing results. It’s best to eat these foods around 30 minutes after working out to maximize your protein intake. Keep in mind that the human body can only absorb 20-25 grams of protein, so do not overdo it by trying to eat a whole chicken thinking you will consume all 162 grams of protein.

Cooldown workouts are just as essential as warm-up exercises and doing them prevents the risk of you passing out or not feeling well after a workout. Simply stretching for a few minutes will help your muscles feel less constricted and improve any soreness.

A spokesperson for Fitness Volt says, “Fitness journeys often consist of a lot of discovering and exploring; trying different exercises, experimenting with variations, and simply finding out which exercises work best for you. As a result, you may focus too much on the workout and neglect the extra steps that you can be taking. Thankfully, these post-workout tips are simple yet extremely effective when it comes to speeding up your workout results, whether it’s by taking a stroll on a rest day or incorporating Greek yogurt into your diet.”

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