Garnet Healthcare brings direct care to the office

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Direct Care Program Partnership Marries Work and Health for Vermonters

Vermont Business Magazine A new program by Garnet Healthcare will allow Vermont employees to receive care — without leaving the workplace. The just-launched Direct Care program will deliver onsite employee health benefits to businesses, with Twincraft Skincare as the first to sign on. 

Employer-sponsored onsite clinics are a proven model for increasing utilization of primary care and reducing overall healthcare costs. Until now, there hasn’t been a model for onsite clinics on a Vermont scale. Garnet’s Direct Care program is an innovative approach that brings the doctor to an employers’ doorstep, creating direct access to direct care for employees.

Built around patient experience, the Direct Care program removes barriers to accessing high-quality healthcare by dispatching its mobile onsite clinic — a state-of-the-art healthcare facility on wheels — to local businesses. By creating direct access to direct care, Garnet is addressing many of the most pressing healthcare challenges facing the local community, such as primary care provider shortages, rising healthcare costs, and long wait times to see providers. 

It will also offer Vermont businesses a new benefit to attract, recruit and retain talented workers. In a strained labor market, offering the benefits of an onsite clinic adds value to prospective employees by making healthcare accessible and convenient. 

“Garnet Healthcare is providing a creative, much-needed option for self-insured employers in Vermont,” Michele Asch, Twincraft’s vice president of leadership and organizational development, said. “Twincraft is now able to provide employees with high-quality, easily accessible, and free health care — and reduce health insurance costs for the company. This is truly a win-win”
Garnet’s clinic appointments last an average of 15-30 minutes directly with providers,

compared to the average off-site provider visit, taking 121 minutes total out of an employee’s day, despite an average of 8-12 minutes of provider facetime. 

Services offered via the Direct Care program include:

  • Telehealth video visits and private texting 

  • Onsite, ADA-complaint mobile clinics 

  • Mobile urgent care teams able to respond to unforeseen illness or injury 

Services provided include primary care treatment for acute illness, from injury assessment and treatment to the flu, lab and pharmacy needs, health coaching and chronic care management for those experiencing COPD, diabetes and other ongoing medical conditions. 

“In keeping with Garnet’s mission of creating access, efficiency, and innovation within the healthcare system, the Direct Care program puts the patient first by eliminating barriers to access care, increasing convenience, and providing patients and employers with a full spectrum healthcare service.” Ryan Ferris, Garnet Healthcare’s founder and CEO, said. “Without copays, hidden costs, long wait times or worries around transportation, Direct Care is truly all about the care we can provide the community, our partners, and patients.” 

Companies are encouraged to contact Garnet at to learn about how to join this program. 

Garnet Healthcare is a Vermont-based company that provides high-quality clinical care to patients in need. Garnet is on a mission to create access, efficiency, and innovation within the healthcare system. For more information visit

ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt. (Sept. 13, 2022) — Garnet Healthcare

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