Fitness tips for the holiday season

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CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — People love when the holidays come around, especially the food.

The food is always good, but sometimes people tend to worry about their waste line during the holiday season. The following are fitness tips that will help keep you from worrying about gaining weight and how to control those holiday cravings.

Intermittent Fasting:

This type of fasting helps put you on a schedule and decide when you should eat your meals. Normally when people put themselves on a diet, it’s more about what you eat, but this diet style is about when you eat, which can help control cravings and help keep you on a normal eating schedule.

Plan your Meals:

We all know what we love to eat at a holiday meal. We know the main course and the trimmings as well. With this knowledge, we can plan out what we want to eat and how much of it, without going for seconds. One might even make healthier choices as well or get smaller portions.

Workout Beforehand:

Working out before partaking in a holiday meal is a wise decision, just because you burn calories and if it’s a cheat meal day, then you may be able to partake a little more. It also makes you feel good and relaxes you so you may not want to partake as much.

Eat Small Snacks Before the Meal/Drink Water:

Eating small, healthy snacks and drinking water before a meal can help fill you up, making you not want to eat as much. It can also control cravings too, and this is also a good healthy alternative to overeating and eating junkie foods.

Whatever method you choose, remember to choose a method that is safe and works for you.

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