Denise Austin, 65, Shares ‘3 Tips’ for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

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  • Denise Austin recently shared her top tips for staying healthy this holiday season.
  • Though it’s the 65-year-old’s “favorite time of year,” she still emphasizes health.
  • Her tips benefit the mind and body.

We love Denise Austin for her bright personality and her ability to inspire women of all ages with her “#FitOver50” workout videos, stunning runway strut, menopause tips, and beyond. The fitness icon frequently posts health and workout videos on social media to help her fans lead healthier, happier lives—and now, the 65-year-old is sharing her tips for staying healthy this holiday season. Spoiler alert, they’re great and easy to follow!

Austin posted an informative Instagram video with the caption: “3 Tips to keep your holidays healthy!” and broke down the basics:

✨Try not to skip meals!

✨Take time for yourself when feeling anxious—deep breaths help!!

✨Exercise each day—even if it’s just 10 minutes!

The holidays are Austin’s “favorite time of year,” she explained in the video, wearing a festive red top and her favorite Easy Spirit walking shoes. “Here are three tips that you can use to keep your holidays healthy,” she continued.

Austin’s “number one” tip is to avoid skipping meals, and ensure you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She also added that she “drink[s] lots of water to stay healthy.” (See: how to drink more water.)

Her second tip focuses on stress relief and managing anxiety. Because celebrities get anxious around the holidays too! “I always tell people whenever they feel anxious during the holidays, take some time for yourself,” Austin explained. “Good, deep breaths really help me: Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, inhale through the nose, and try to exhale out the nose. It helps to relax you a little more.”

Austin’s third and final tip involves (you guessed it!) exercise. “Try to get in exercise, even if it’s 10 minutes. Ten minutes does wonders for your stress levels and keeps the circulation going,” Austin explained. “I like to do 10, 20 minutes of walking in the morning just to get started for the days.”

Fans loved her latest informative video. “Always love your tips,” one fan wrote. “Thank you! You are a great and positive source of support, much love ❤️ 10 mins sure can make a difference 🙌🏾🧘🏾‍♀️💪🏾❤️,” another added. “So beautiful 🙌 great advice 🙌, ” another commented.

If you’ve followed Austin’s career, you’d know that she has long been vocal about the benefits of walking, and even shared with Prevention how walking “became such an intimate part” of her life. (Check out our Ultimate 6-Week Walking Guide From Denise Austin)!

While walking is a great source of exercise, Austin has shared some other low-impact ways to get moving in the past including her favorite fat-burning cardio moves and lunge tips for women over 50 with knee trouble.

Whether she’s sharing workout videos or health tips and tricks, we’re always excited to hear what Austin has to share. And we can’t wait to see how she’ll inspire us next!

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