CuePath Innovation and Herstasis Health to Present at American Society on Aging (ASA) On Aging Conference in New Orleans

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VANCOUVER, BC, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – CuePath Innovation, a provider of medication adherence solutions for the home healthcare market, announced today that its Director of Medication Adherence, Dr. Margaret Lu, will be speaking at the 2022 American Society on Aging (ASA) On Aging Conference in New Orleans on April 14. Co-presenting with Dr. Margaret Lu is Jennifer Thompson, the CEO of Herstasis Health, a menopause information and diagnostics company, and the Executive Board Chair of CuePath.

The presentation, titled “I Haven’t Pooped in a Week—Using Knowledge Translation and Open Dialogue to Empower Patients in Discussing Embarrassing Secret Symptoms,” aims to share vocabularies and techniques based in behavioral science to help caregivers discuss uncomfortable medical symptoms with patients who would otherwise suffer in silence. Lessons learned in speaking with patients and customers about topics such as constipation, women’s mental health, and embarrassing medication side effects will be presented and discussed.

The American Society on Aging’s On Aging 2022 conference runs April 11–14 in New Orleans, with approximately 1,500 delegates in attendance. The conference brings together a variety of professionals involved in the aging sector.

“I am excited to speak at the ASA conference to help healthcare workers and caregivers gain tools to address their clients’ awkward health concerns,” Dr. Lu said. “As a pharmacist specializing in geriatrics, I have seen both the thought process behind, and consequences of, poor medication adherence. It’s not an easy conversation to have but building knowledge and self-efficacy in patients is essential for their own health management.”

“Mid-life women’s health is so poorly understood, and current research is just not making into the clinic,” stated Jennifer Thompson. “Our customer discovery process necessarily involved many uncomfortable conversations with women, and we are proud to be bringing menopause-specific solutions to the market that will help this huge, vulnerable, suffering patient group.”

“We’re so excited to reunite our members at On Aging 2022 in New Orleans,” said Dr. Leanne Clark-Shirley, vice president of programs and thought leadership at ASA. “Based on feedback we’ve heard over the years, we’ve redesigned parts of the national conference to offer new formats and thematic tracks that bring organizations like CuePath and Herstasis together with experts across a broad range of disciplines to drive real impact.”

About the American Society on Aging

For more than 60 years, ASA has been a leading organization in the field of aging, continually attracting more than 4,000 practitioners, educators, administrators, policymakers, academics, business people, and students to its membership community. These professionals—all working to improve the quality of life for older adults—are employed in an array of disciplines across the aging services network: physical health, technology, employment, finance and legal, housing and accessibility, mental and emotional well-being, healthcare quality and access, spiritual development, and social engagement.

About Herstasis Health

Herstasis™ is about education, trust and accuracy. Our primary goal is help get valuable science-based information to women experiencing severe symptoms of the menopause transition, also known as perimenopause. With complex research translated into plain English, along with an upcoming symptom tracking application and accurate, low-cost, at-home hormone testing, women will be able to advocate for their own health and make choices to help control their individual symptoms.

About CuePath

CuePath Innovation™ is a healthcare technology company focused on improving medication adherence of adults with chronic conditions. Its mission is to bring peace of mind to caregivers by improving the quality of life of its customers. CuePath couples its Medication Adherence as a Service (MAaaS) platform with its outcomes-based virtual care service to resolve patient non-adherence. It partners with leading home care agencies and pharmacies to deliver its innovative and effective subscription service.

SOURCE CuePath Innovation

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