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We all know that every field in the world is now influenced by technology, and the healthcare industry is no exception. With the increasing number of IT systems in the healthcare sector, there is also a risk of cybersecurity.

Research shows that about 15 million healthcare systems and records were compromised. It is also seen that this problem is increasing steadily, and more and more healthcare setups are prone to hacking. Hence, this entire situation is problematic, and there is a severe need for privacy and security solutions. Hence, this article is packed with information about the security system and its need in healthcare setups.

The Importance of Privacy and Security in Healthcare Setup

We all know that everything is done digitally nowadays, and with the increased use of digitalization, data breaches and cyber-attack has become very common. This is one of the first rules of a healthcare setup, and a healthcare provider to provide the utmost confidentiality to their patients. However, with these data breaches, this is becoming very hard. Many healthcare companies also hire companies that help to find the loophole in the digital system and the tools used in the system to organizer records that will later become a reason for cyber-attack.

If a healthcare setup fails to provide proper security and protect the patients’ information, strict action can be taken, and they can also get criminal charges. Therefore, to have a proper patient and hospital bond, you need to ensure the utmost confidentiality of their information.

A few examples of healthcare setups that were the target of data breaches are as follows.

  • Advocate Health Care Network got a penalty of about $5.5 million due to the theft of 4 million health care data.
  • The Feinstein Institute has a fine of $3.9 million because the health information of about 13000 participants was stolen.

Other than this, many other institutes could not protect their patient’s data. Hence, massive penalties were imposed on them.

Therefore, it becomes critical for the healthcare setups to keep their records and data protected from every kind of breaches.

How can Unifi.AI help in Keeping Data Protected 

Unifi.Ai is a company that started in the year 2021. This company is founded by two amazing people Pramod Misra and Neha Tiwari. Pramod Misra is a well-known expert in data science and machine learning. Neha Tiwari is an expert in privacy and software development. They are one of the best security companies that any healthcare setup can invest in. they ensure that all your data is secured and no one, not even themselves, can access it. They were also selected for the CreateX program, Google Cloud startup program and Microsoft startup as well. Therefore, this is the best place you need if you are looking for a good security company.

Following are some primary reasons why this brand is considered the best in the market when discussing digital security systems.

  1. Advanced-Data Protection
    We all know that hackers and cybercrime people can hack every kind of system. Therefore, it because very hard to keep your data protected even through passwords. But now, with, there is no need to worry because they have the most advanced security system that protects all your data from hackers and keeps it secured.
  2. No Collection of Data
    There are many security companies in the market, but one thing that makes different from all the others is that they do not keep the data for themselves. This means neither the hacker can access your data nor stores the data. It protects the data while making it visible and accessible for you and your authorized employees.
  3. Affordable
    There is no shock that these security companies can cost you a lot and become a burden on your pocket. But when it comes to, they understand the importance of security in a healthcare setup. Therefore, all their services are very affordable as compared to the other security services. They also allow the users for a demo so they can understand the different features and services they can avail of through
  4. Customised for the Healthcare domain has a dedicated team of experts from the pharmaceutical and healthcare domain. They have made their solution compatible with existing applications used in the domain. Due to all these benefits, has become the most promising security company for healthcare setup, and it can save significant time & effort in their compliance journey.
  5. Simple and Automated Encryption
    By utilizing the dashboard of Unifi.AI, you’ll be able to design your business’s functional structure and workflow without any hassle! The automated features utilize machine learning, which uses past data and automates various repetitive processes to efficiently manage large amounts of data.


Keeping the data and the information protected even from a family member is a rule that every healthcare provider needs to follow. This same rule goes for hospitals, and all the data must be protected. However, it is very hard when it comes to protecting data from hackers and cybercrime people. But now, you don’t need to worry because is the perfect solution against data breaches. Therefore, this place is just for you if you are a healthcare setup and finding a good security solution.

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